5 SaaS Startups Making Working from Home Work

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Today, we’re all relying on technology to a greater degree than we ever have before. We connect with our friends over online gameplay and stream the latest home workout video to break a sweat. Our day-to-day has changed – is changing – and we’re adapting.

Businesses are adapting too.

Companies around the globe are transitioning, adjusting as they go in this new reality. Maybe your business is remote now or at least a majority of people in your organization are working virtually. Maybe it has impact on you an additional level: you are a owner or founder who’s had to evolve your business model or pivot your product. Whatever you’re experiencing as a company, you’re managing change, and that change includes an increasingly virtual work life.

Although the hows and whens of returning to the office are uncertain for most of us, a recent poll suggests that Canadians think working from home works, and they’ll continue to even when the pandemic ends. For business leaders, the question is, are you fully equipped to manage virtual teams?

These companies could help with that.

Here are five Ottawa-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies that could provide the solution your business is looking for:

Keep in lockstep with your remote teams: Fellow

Fellow is a smart assistant tool built for managers. The app makes working with teams, particularly working with direct reports, easier. It integrates with your calendar, sends notifications and recommendations for increased efficiencies that keep your day on track, and offers one place to send and receive feedback, collaborate on agendas (while even suggesting meeting topics!), and assign to-dos.

With this tool, you can run more effective one-on-ones and, ultimately, communicate better as a leader. Fellow.app is a must-try for any leader looking for a smoother way to stay on top of things.

Monitor servers and networks on your phone: ITmanager.net

ITmanager.net is a mobile-first SaaS company for IT Administrators. This software allows IT admins to monitor their servers and networks, receive notifications when problems come up and then connect to their servers and fix problems using only their phone.

It’s an all-in-one enterprise server and network administrator service. Now, you or your IT professional doesn’t have to go into the server room to monitor/maintain/restart equipment.

ITmanager.net is offering an extended free trial period. Instead of 30-days, new customers can have 90-days to decide if the service is for them.

Make learning from home seamless for your staff and students: Kivuto

Kivuto is a SaaS company that helps schools go digital by centralizing the management and distribution of all digital resources, making e-learning easier. Academic institutions use their software platform to host content electronically, and, in one place, institutions can ensure compliance, distribution to the right people, and get access to reporting and analytics. Ultimately, their staff can work from home and students can learn from home.

Transfer massive files ultra-fast from anywhere: MASV

The process begins with a comprehensive understanding of your customer and their business goals. 

MASV is a SaaS company that allows subscribers to transfer massive files seamlessly with a pay-as-you-go plan. The company claims to be exactly the same as other large file transfer services but without file size limits, software, port-forwarding issues, expensive annual contracts, storage limits, slow speeds, complicated interfaces, or transfer failures. On February 26, MASV announced the launch of a new service to upload large (and they’re talking LARGE) files to Amazon Simple Storage Service. And, on April 8, they launched MASV App 2.0, an upgrade that allows for the automated transfer of ultra-large files for remote teams.

Who is their primary user? You, the media and entertainment professional, videographer and/or creator; the one who wants to transfer 100GB+ files fast.

Deploy a virtual workplace the fastest, easiest and most secure way: Tehama

Tehama is a SaaS platform that delivers virtual offices, rooms, and desktops anywhere in minutes. It offers control and security for global businesses by allowing them to deploy work environments, all in the cloud, in any web browser on any device. Tehama’s software replaces the need for patch updates, shipping laptops, VPN connections and upfront infrastructure costs altogether.

Using Tehama, you can quickly onboard/offboard employees and manage, scale, secure, and audit virtual workers. It’s a central and safe way to grant access to corporate assets, and eliminate laptop shipping costs and cut down on time wasted.

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Source – Katie LeClair

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