As The SaaS Economy Expands, How Will We Define Authentic B2B Customer Success

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Michael Gale of ‘Forbes Insights’ speaks with Amit Ronen, Senior VP of Customer Success at Wind River.

Pivotal changes with software as a service have led us to a world where support matters, but it matters as a living, 24/7/365 component for the customer’s portfolio of experiences. These SaaS experiences are transforming how we think, feel, and react to experiences in near real-time and how we personally define success even in a business-to-business landscape. Once the infrequent measurement of NPS and CSAT was enough to satiate our appetites and anxieties about how we keep customers happy. These were mostly resolution or incident-based and created a metric to ask if we did a good job. 

There are a lot of concepts in this podcast about the re framing of customer success by 2030. Once experiences become experienced continuously as a service, these dynamic shifts and shift very fast.  

Customer success will likely be complicated to achieve by 2030 unless we radically evolve how we think the design and build fundamentally different business models with customers. Visibility to how customers are using products or services in real-time will be the fuel for this new customer success revolution. So Business-to-Business companies that can embrace this real-time pressure will likely thrive. 

Amit Ronen is the Senior Vice President of Customer Success at Wind River, a leader in mission-critical, real-time embedded technologies. Amit is a graduate of the University of Tel Aviv (B.A. Computer Sciences and Economics and a graduate of the Stanford University Executive Program (SEP). 

He was an executive with Mercury Interactive and a founding partner for Mercury Interactive in Japan.

If you’d like to reach Amit Rohen connect on his LinkedIn.

Source – Forbes

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