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Navigating SaaS Recruitment Challenges

Navigating SaaS Recruitment Challenges The Software as a Service (SaaS) industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, with projections suggesting a market value of $410.5 billion by 2027. This rapid expansion underscores a pressing demand for skilled professionals, making SaaS recruitment challenges in the sector both a challenge and an opportunity. As SaaS companies strive to stay […]

SaaS Role Definitions

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The number of roles within the marketing, sales, and customer success teams at SaaS companies has become quite confusing in the last several years as organizations have embraced new org models of role specialization, and put their own spin on them. It?s further complicated by the fact that these roles are still being reinvented as […]

Sales: The Best Entry-Level Job There Is and How to Get It

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If you’ve seen the movie Divergent, think of the sales team as “Dauntless.” Wild. Lively. Brave. Fearless. If these words resonate with you, then you should consider a job in sales. Why you should consider SaaS Sales: SaaS created an opportunity in your favor: Companies big and small realize that a one-time sale no longer provides […]

5 Webinar Software Platforms With Different Benefits

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Covid-19 measures are easing in most EU countries, yet many organisations have adopted new methods of business, with a handful switching company policy to “WFH” for the foreseeable future. Apart from the obvious choices, what Webinar platforms are out there and what are their key features? We selected 5 from the sea of options that […]

What it Takes to Scale a SaaS Startup: Podcast

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In this episode of the #InsightsPodcast series, Sudheer Koneru from Zenoti and Anand Jain from CleverTap. They give a glimpse into their respective startup journeys. With the main question: How to Scale a SaaS Startup? Anand and Sudheer give a glimpse into their respective startup journeys — skillsets they brought from their previous experiences, new […]

5 Metrics SaaS Startups Must Watch to Keep Revenue on Track

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While revenue metrics like LTV, CAC, NRR and Quick Ratio are solid ways to diagnose long-term trends with respect to how the business is performing, it is important to look at the leading indicators of your revenue health, and act on them before they significantly impact growth and cash flows.  Let’s dig into some metrics […]

Learnings from Covid-19: Building a Pandemic Proof SaaS Business

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Covid-19 has taken the world and we all are learning to adapt to the new normal of social distancing. As we all enter the post-covid-19 world, there is no playbook which a SaaS business can refer to for building or surviving this uncertain business environment and everyone is learning with each other’s experiences and trying […]

How SaaS Marketers Can Prove ROI with Revenue Attribution

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SaaS marketers are increasingly being asked to connect their efforts back to revenue growth. Simple lead generation is not enough. Conversions are not enough. And yet, tying marketing efforts back to revenue is not always easy. In fact, 4o percent of marketing teams find proving ROI of their marketing activities to be their top challenge. How can […]

A Guide To Choosing The Right Business Software For Your Team In 2020

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The Business Software Guide 2020. The article showcases six guiding principles for choosing the best software for your company. Companies invest in business software because it can help the team do their job better. But a poor choice (by fit-to-need) only worsens the problem and adds to their burden. too many enterprises choose the most […]

Why SaaS Businesses Are In a Unique Position to Survive This Crisis

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The world of business has turned upside down, but it’s not all doom and gloom. The world of SaaS is showing its true colours. At this point we are all aware of the global health crisis’ outsize impact. There have been government-imposed lockdowns, market retractions and an upheaval of social norms, and no one is quite sure how it’s all going […]