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Up to a few years ago, the job did not even exist… Nowadays we see a huge uplift in the number of Customer Success roles and in fact, in the next 10 to 20 years, it’s predicted Customer Success Manager roles will grow by 560%!🚀

If you like to be up to date on all the latest developments within Customer Success, would like to receive invitations to exclusive online and offline events, salary benchmarks and other interesting content, exclusive job offers, or just would like to connect with your peers, sign up and we will happily welcome you to our CSM community!

Interviews with customer success professionals

Anika Zubair – VP Customer Success at Insided

How do you make career in Customer Success? And where is the future of Customer Success heading? We have invited Anika Zubair, VP of Customer Success at InSided to answer these and many other questions!

Laura Krechting – Customer Success  Manager at Smartlockr

Thinking about starting your career in Customer Success? Or maybe you want to move from Sales into Customer Success? Laura Krechting, CSM Manager at Smartlockr did exactly that! We invited her to explain how she did it and what she thinks about her role.

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Where do you fit in the Customer Success Maturity Model?

One thing Insided learned is that there is a clear sliding scale when it comes to Customer Success team maturity, in terms of operations, ways of working and particularly tooling. Let’s take you guys through the maturity model so that you as a Customer Success leader or manager can start to see where your organisation fits in this model—and how to tool up for growth and scaling accordingly.

Our Customer Success Events

We connect some Europe’s best customer success leaders at our online and offline events. We host round tables, webinars where we shine light on recent developments within the industry and have discussions arround specific topics. Are you interested to join one of our events? Leave your details behind in the from below this page!

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