Account Excutive – Health Care

Job location Amsterdam
Job industry Healthcare
Bonus Package Healthcare - GP's - Office in heart of Amsterdam

HEALTHCARE-TECH!!! Add value to GPs, Doctors, Patients and make a proper difference!


It is a disruptive solution to modernize the healthcare industry. With their app they connect patients with GPs, saving both parties’ time and collecting vital data. The Healthcare is sector uses old workflow and patients seek guidance. When to call the doctor, when to go to GPs and what medicine to take. This is all solved using their solution.



Want to get compensated?

💵 Salary: €60k-70k

🏖️ Holiday pay on top

🎯 Uncapped commission

🚗 Car lease

🍕 Lunch

🚀 Have a huge impact and say in the company!

💻 Computer and phone

📈 Pension

⏳ Hybrid work format



Requirements are simple:

· 2-3 years of consultative SaaS sales experience

· Preferred knowledge of Healthcare Tech.

· Be patient, understand the mindset of GPs

· Open to learning, coachable and a 'down to earth' personality.



Who are they?

A solution that really adds value to people, not just companies.

They are growing fast, with 186 FTEs, entering German market in 2023. They are transforming more and more into a fully SaaS model. Current sales cycles take 6 months, but ideally to be reduced to 1.5-3 months. ARR starts from 1.5k-5k, but can reach 150k-200k (please explain the healthcare insurance part). Clients and decision makers are GPs. Divided into regions.


The AE team consist for 4 AEs, led by a great commercial minded person, who is Head of Business Development and has been at the company for almost 4 years. This team will ideally grow with 2-3 more AEs before Q3 2023.


For them company culture is very important. They look for people who are trustworthy, not afraid of making mistakes, adventurous, have entrepreneurial mindset and passionate.

You are allowed to be gutsy, but with integrity. Creativity and thinking outside of the box is a great trait to have.



Roles, Background, and Fit

Selling to GPs can be challenging, mainly as they are often not that open to change. This means that a regular cold call in most likely is not an option and you should be out there, meeting them in person. The sales team is divided by regions on where you are based, for example Rotterdam/De Hague, South or East Netherlands. Amsterdam is already covered by 3 AEs.


Current AEs do 100% outbound, using referrals and networking. It is important to be creative in your outreaches, but not too aggressive. Mirror the mindset of a GP. On a personal level, the candidate has to be a good listener, have energy and drive to perform, understand healthcare and the challenges a person has from ‘change’. Background in healthcare is not a necessity, but the drive to learn it very important. Dutch language is a must have.

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