Why a career in SaaS sales is the right choice

It’s a young and rapidly growing industry, with many companies receiving funding. Because of this the working environment is incredibly fast paced and competitive which allows individuals to learn and be challenged. There are always great growth opportunities among the majority of companies with many career path possibilities. As a SaaS recruitment agency, we are able to connect the dots and align fantastic sales candidates with fast growing SaaS companies.

Why the SaaS industry is booming

Focusing on SaaS recruitment, we have discovered that the future really is in tech! With that in mind companies are exploring more and more money saving and streamlining techniques to drive their businesses. This means that it’s far more logical to utilise software on a subscription basis than it is to build and maintain it internally. The same applies to updating said software and including new users as appose to hiring new staff and expanding your IT department.

Our recruitment services

Our consultants offer a complete 360 recruitment process. What does this mean? It means we are with the candidate every step of the way, and unlike a lot of recruitment agencies we build and nurture relationships even to the point of post placement. Once we have placed a candidate at a company we will continue to check in with them every so often to ensure they are enjoying their role and that the client is staying true to the previously outlined agreement. Beyond that, we are Amsterdam’s only agency focussing solely on SaaS recruitment, so all our consultants know what they’re talking about – we’re up-to-date with all industry news, events and literature.

Entry level to VP positions

As a SaaS recruitment agency that specialises in connecting sales talent with fast-growing companies, we feel it’s important that we support the full spectrum of potential positions. That’s why we work to match talented candidates of all experience levels, from entry level with little sales experience all the way up to VP and CEO. We can help a startup build a team from the ground up, assist a scaleup in developing specific areas of their team or, place a VP or CEO in a new region/ country to spearhead a companies new HQ.