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Dave sherry interview
Dave Sherry – Director of Land and Expand 

What do nine years in SaaS sales look like? What makes a great salesperson ? We have invited Dave Sherry, Director of Land and Expand. He talks about his story from SDR to director with its ups and downs.

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SaaS Sales Leadership Events

We connect some of Europe’s best Senior Sales leaders at our online and offline events. In our latest session, our partner Winning by Design took an interactive walk through how an account based strategy drives growth by aligning GTM teams to focus on winning and growing key accounts. 

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Pipeline Generation in the New Era

With consumer trends significantly shifting over the past decade, legacy outreaching practices are still dominating the approach amongst many sales teams today. Adaptation to this changing buyer-context needs to start today, and it begins by fostering a culture of experimentation within our sales teams. With speed, expertise & transparency being the key decision drivers for our buyers, along with the rise of omnichannel & social-selling, reps should no longer outreach to prospects in isolation without leveraging a data-driven approach.


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