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Hiring for Companies: Ready to Recruit A-Players for Your SaaS Team?

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Hiring for companies is crucial for building a successful team in the SaaS industry. Nobel has placed commercial professionals with over 80 SaaS companies in EMEA and constantly is connecting and networking with both active and passive candidates. We are trusted partner for early stage start-ups, late stage start-ups as well as unicorn status companies. We can help you hire an entire commercial team, or recruit for specific open positions within your team. We can put forward great candidates on a non-committal or “no cure no pay” basis.

Our areas of expertise in hiring for companies

We work with a team of more than 20 dedicated recruitment consultants, focusing on roles like Sales Development Representative, Account Executive, Customer Success Manager, Sales Engineer, Partner Manager, Growth Marketing, Content Marketing, VP Sales and many more. With our extensive warm network we are able to connect you to passive candidates at executive level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is becoming more and more challenging for SaaS companies to hire and retain great sales talent. As the industry is maturing, good candidates have a huge number of opportunities and companies to choose from. Our clients report that usually the challenge is not the number of applicants for client facing roles, because often, there are plenty. The challenge is attracting those candidates that actually have the skills, personality and track record you are looking for.

Nobel has placed commercial professionals with over 120 SaaS companies in EMEA and constantly is connecting and networking with both active and passive candidates. In some cases, we are already two years in contact with a specific sales professional before we introduce the candidate to a client. Because of our focus, long term approach and the fact we are perceived as a trusted advisor to our candidates, we are able to give you access to a new and unique talent pool.

We recruit for every position in the typical SaaS Sales funnel, in all levels of seniority; SDR, AE, CSM/AM. Because it requires a completely different approach to recruit a VP of Sales compared to an SDR, we have dedicated recruitment teams focusing on different levels of seniority and complexity. In some cases we also recruit for other positions, for example marketing. Feel free to contact us about this for more information.

This depends on the profile, your hiring process and the attractiveness of the job offer. The fastest placement we have made is within 1 week, the longest within 3 months (executive search). Please reach out to us so we can provide you a more detailed indication of potential timeframe.

Definitely – most of our clients actually have internal recruiters. We often are an addition to own recruitment initiatives, not a complete replacement of it. What is sometimes overlooked is that having the sales team in place is the single most important factor for a B2B SaaS company’s commercial success. You should rather have too many resources dedicated to this than too few.

We partner with B2B SaaS companies of all sorts and sizes. From early stage companies as small as 3 FTE, to scale-ups in Series A or B phase, all the way up to post IPO companies such as Zoom and Snowflake. We have offices in Berlin and Amsterdam, but also work with clients in other European countries and in some cases the U.S.

All our services standardly include:

  • Initial consultation
  • Candidate Searching and sourcing
  • Advertising- and referral campaigns
  • Pre-screening of candidates
  • Process management
  • Reference checks
  • Post placement/after care

We can put forward great candidates on a non-committal or “no cure no pay” basis. Alternatively, we can offer a more dedicated and tailored process in which you will be relieved of all recruitment burdens. In addition to that, we can also recruit entire (multidisciplinary) sales teams.