How to maintain your SaaS brand image

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Many SaaS companies are finding it difficult to maintain their brand image. They understand their service, they understand their customers, but they find it difficult to position themselves in the exact corner of the market they want to position themselves in, and then maintain that position.

As a modern SaaS company, you have to ensure that your brand image is maintained across your website, email marketing, blog, YouTube content, landing pages, products, social media, and more. You also have to consider the technology your customers are using to interact with your brand. Are they using laptops? Tablets? Smartphones? Your brand has to be able to adapt to the differences inherent in each.

What is your brand image?

Before you can even start on making your brand consistent, it’s important to understand that brand image and brand identity are not that same things.

Your brand identity refers to the visual elements of your brand that customers will recognize. Whereas your brand image is all about how your customers perceive you every time they interact with your business.

What is brand consistency?

Brand consistency means that you’re capturing your audience’s attention and establishing a level of connection that makes them want to return for more. To do this, you need your customers to be having the same experience every-time, regardless of whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or your company website.

How to maintain your brand image

There are a few key steps to maintaining your brand image. Each of these relates to the impression your customers are going to experience every time they interact with your brand.

Consistent Voice

One of the most important elements you can keep consistent is your voice. Like it or not, your SaaS business is going to do a lot of communicating using the written word. And the more the industry grows, the more this is going to happen. Across email, your website, and social media, thousands of words are going to read, and this exposes you to the risk of being inconsistent.


Because your customers are going to be reading a lot of your content, the font you use is incredibly important. You might think this is a small or minor detail, but consider this: If this article was entirely written in Comic Sans Ms, how much would you enjoy reading it?


A can of Coke is red, a can of Diet Coke is silver. You can immediately spot them as soon as you enter a store. This, ideally, is the clarity you want to give your own customers.


Creating a consistent brand image requires a lot of work, but the process itself is relatively simple: be consistent. But this simplicity can be deceptive. In striving for a consistent brand image, it’s crucial that you not underestimate the importance of sitting down and asking yourself the most important brand question “Who am I?”.

Source – Nahla A. Davis

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