Sr. Solutions Engineer – AI Tech

Job location Amsterdam
Job industry Analytics / Data
Bonus Package State-of-the-art AI software

Sr. Solutions Engineer
Cutting edge “unicorn” AI software

You are an experienced SaaS Solutions Engineer and would like to truly leave your mark? Not afraid of a proper challenge in building up a company’s presence in Europe from zero? The toughest market has already been conquered; they are ready for anything at this point – are you?

Your role as a Sr. Solutions Engineer
As a Sr. Solutions Engineer, you will join the company’s Head of Europe in Amsterdam and help make this company a success here (EMEA) – with a very slower, strategic approach. Initially, it will be your primary role to build up the company’s presence by conducting technical workshops and public demos.

You will be responsible for identifying and confirming clients’ AI expectations and technical requirements. You’ll also lead proofs of concept (PoCs) and coordinate the distribution of the AI solutions from the company to clients.

Your commercial mindset also plays a massive role here as you sometimes may need to jump in and help with lead generation activities (e.g. networking events) and public presentations (e.g. conferences, webinars).
Your background as a Sr. Solutions Engineer

  • 5+ years of quality B2B experience in fast-growth companies
  • Experience with MySQL, PaaS, Google Cloud Platform and AutoML and Linux System Admin.
  • Excellent English, Dutch/German/French considered a massive plus
  • Superb communicator and independent

What you can expect?

  • A base salary of up to €100K + commissions
  • Becoming part of a company with a world-class AI solution
  • Be one of the first in the European team and truly have an impact
  • exposure to a superb AI technical team, including ACM-ICPC world champions

About the company
Founded in 2014, the Asian company, an artificial intelligence ‘unicorn’ and emerging global AI leader in platform as a service (PaaS) already counts 800+ FTE and just recently secured a Series C funding round of $245M. Their valuation is already up in the billions and it will only go up from here.

They took the toughest markets by storm and are ready to take on Europe next. As mentioned, you will be one of the 1st hires here, which gives you a one in a lifetime opportunity to join in the early stages and grow from here. You’ll work closely with the Head of Europe as well as (remotely) with the company’s Head of International Business and core tech team based in Asia.
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