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Quarantine. Self Isolation. Curfews. Social Distancing.  MicroConf

These are antithetical to what has made MicroConf what it is, yet they the are what’s required to keep each other healthy.

But just because most of us are stuck at home doesn’t mean we should stop connecting with one another. This is why the MicroConf Team has worked hard over the last few days to set up MicroConf On Air, a semi-regular 30 minute livestream with conversations, Q&As, and hang-outs focused on non-venture track founders.

One part distraction, one part tactics, one part opportunity to connect.

We know that people are thirsty for connection and we want MicroConf to be your water cooler to gather around during some scary times.

How You Can Participate in MicroConf On Air: 

1) Join MicroConf Connect – Theey will be hosting Q+A sessions and submissions through MicroConf Connect.
2) Subscribe to MicroConf on Youtube (And check out their new Serial Speaker Playlist, featuring Rob Walling)
3) Follow them on Twitter
4) Join the MicroConf On Air Mailing List

MicroConf On Air Schedule
(12:00 PM CST unless noted)

Wednesday, April 29: What to Focus on At Each Stage of Your Startup with Hiten Shah
Wednesday, May 6: Justin Jackson
Wednesday, May 13: Sarah Hatter
Wednesday, May 20: An Auditing Checklist for Your Onboarding Emails that will Increase Customer Retention withVal Geisler
Wednesday, June 3: April Dunford

You can find all previous episodes on their Youtube channel.

Source: MicroConf

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