NYC-based Wedia Group Launch Digital Asset Management Content Solution

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Wedia Group, the New York-based digital marketing specialists, have launched a new Digital Asset Management solution for marketing resources. The expert team creates the technology that allows clients in any niche to deliver a better content experience all from one platform.

Wedia Group provides clients with a 100% cloud-based modular software solution in a single platform. This streamlines marketing material ideation, creation, distribution and management to ensure a more versatile service.

Users are able to plan, pilot and control the creation of their content in fluid fashion. For small and medium sized businesses, managing key external and internal contributors on a day-to-day basis can be a hassle.

With the newly launched tool, businesses are able to create and manage their corporate content in one place. The flexible workflow chain allows clients to manage everything from strategy and editing to approvals, deadlines and deliverables.

The new Digital Asset Management (DAM) module provides brands with more control of the management, organization and distribution of their content. It also allows them to embrace the rapid pace of transformation now facing the market.

The DAM module can be a central hub for all media, allowing business clients to manage millions of assets across all their projects, teams, and audiences. Approval workflows can be fully customized, and license usage is easily tracked.

Because it’s run as SaaS, the cloud-native solution requires no installation. This ensures it’s quick and easy to use whether the client is accessing material on a local or global scale.

Clients receive a range of powerful features through the use of the new service. It creates a single-source-of-truth (SSOT) asset library, allowing staff to find assets faster.

Content consistency is maximized, ensuring better branding across all channels. Users can also benefit from an automated keyword system that makes discovery seamless.

A spokesperson from the team states: “Wedia worked diligently on User Interface and User Experience that ensures that any user can find any asset precisely, quickly, and with as few clicks as possible. With our Digital Asset Management module, you can share assets using a single link, integrate them into what you publish online, connect Microsoft PowerPoint to the DAM so you can simply drag and drop media into your presentation, and so on.”

Source: USA Today

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