The Top 4 SaaS Analytics Tools to Maintain a Healthy Subscription Business

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Many articles written about analytics tools for SaaS treat the tools as one, monolithic category: “SaaS analytics tools.”

The tools you need for web analytics are different from the tools you use for subscription analytics. For example, if you need to understand how trial users convert to paid and how churn varies across user cohorts, a web analytics tool like Google Analytics can’t help you.

We’ve categorised these tools into 4 and highlighted 1 from each to maintain a healthy subscription business:

  • Web analytics
  • Marketing analytics
  • Subscription analytics
  • Reporting tools
Google Analytics – Web analytics

Google Analytics is a must-have tool for almost every business with a website. Whether you’re a basic or advanced user, Google Analytics offers access to nearly all the key metrics you need to know to gauge website performance. It also including acquisition metrics (such as traffic) and behavioral engagement metrics (such as bounce rate and conversions).

Hubspot – Marketing analytics

HubSpot’s known for a lot of things. Between the CRM, Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs, they cater to a huge part of SaaS business. Because of that, their marketing analytics features enable marketers to tie together every interaction customers have with the brand — and tie it all back to revenue. So you can see, for example, how each marketing asset moves users through the funnel plus the conversion value it ultimately contributes.

Baremetrics – Subscription analytics

Designed specifically for SaaS and subscription businesses, Baremetrics makes it easy to get in-depth insights on trial usage and behaviour, track monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and other revenue goals, and benchmark your results against other companies similar to yours. Baremetrics includes aggregate data about how similar companies perform so you can get a better sense of your performance in the grand scheme.

Klipfolio – Reporting tools

Klipfolio’s reporting solution connects seamlessly with over 100 different data sources. They make it very quick and easy to visualize your data for analysis or reporting. With fully customizable visualizations, Klipfolio is one of the best visual reporting options for SaaS businesses.

Source – crazyegg

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